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treat_or_trick's Journal

Treat or Trick
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What is treat_or_trick? Well to be blunt is an idea borrowed from seasonstocking and easterbaskets. It is a community for giving gifts to others at halloween time.

How does it work? Everyone that wants to participate comments on the sign up post, made in early September, to get a trick or treat bucket. A post is made for every person that signs up with screened comments. Other users come along and fill the bucket with gifts. These gifts can be a treat, ideas for treats are; a gift of icons, music, a pic spam of something they like, an encouraging note, or the comment can contain a trick, ideas for tricks are; a joke, a silly gif, a icon in a color they hate (pink for someone that you know hates pink).

What keeps someone from giving only tricks? One simple rule, if you leave a trick you also have to leave a treat for the same person. Tricks can not be malicious. If you know someone is terrified of spiders even if it is just a photo please do not leave someone a picture of a spider. Anonymous commenting is disabled and ip addresses are tracked so you can't be malicious with an anonymous comment or create a dummy journal for that purpose. If i suspect someone is just trying to be mean I will have no problems removing their treat bucket.

Can I have more than one treat bucket? No. It is not fair to sign up for more than one bucket in hopes of getting more treats. IP addresses are logged so don't even try to sneak around me by creating dummy journals. You will however have to sign up again each year that you want to participate.

Can I open my treat bucket early? Nope sorry, treat buckets stay screened until October 30th when everything is unscreened and you are free to gorge yourself on your treats and laugh at all the tricks.

Can I help you unscreen buckets? Yes! I will gladly accept help unscreening buckets. Leave a comment on this post if you want to help.

Help! There are so many treat buckets that I can't find mine! Never fear! All treat buckets are tagged with the year they are made in and the username of the person whose bucket it is.

I changed my username, how can i find my bucket now? Comment and tell me your old username and the tag for it will be renamed to your current username.